Sustainability in our DNA



We share a common goal:
to help preserve our environment by being fairer
and more socially equitable.

  • We work together to improve our environment and try to be part of a fairer, more just and egalitarian society.


  • Our activities help to promote the sustainability of events.  We are part of a more responsible generation that wants to leave a better legacy for future generations.


  • We are committed to ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) criteria so that the majority of events around the world have as little impact as possible.
  • Sustainability in our DNA


Sustainability is a commitment with no turning back, living your life in harmony with nature and communicating with society to achieve the global good.

The principles that represent us:

. Accountability, we recognise the need for new models

. Commitment, we are committed to our mission and values.

. Rigour, our audit and assessment processes aim for excellence in your management systems.

. Passion, Knowing that we are adding value to the world around us makes us happy and makes us better every day.

At B Greenly we donate part of our profits to various social and environmental causes, in this way we are an active part of the objectives of our mission.

Sustainable Partners

Plant a tree and offset your C02. A
dditionally, you can monitor your project via satellite.



  • B Greenly is the only brand dedicated exclusively to the certification of any kind of event. In addition, there is no other brand with a global character that is as internationalized as B Greenly.
  • Any certification (e.g. ISO, Tüv Austria, B Corp, etc.) is always private, there are no public certificates, there are only regulations that advise and regulate how to do things, but they do not certify.
  •  B Greenly’s working system is based on parameters and metrics created by the main global bodies that are benchmarks in sustainability, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology, the metrics of the World Economic Forum (WEF), various European Union (EU) Directives and Regulations, etc.
  • Sure, B Greenly helps to organize a sustainable event through its Sustainable Event Organization Manual.
  • Both in Spain and in the rest of the countries where B Greenly is present, there are certified events with different types of events; sports, cultural, musical, corporate, festivals, fairs, congresses, conferences, conferences and other events.
  • Certificates are issued with validity for the date of the event. In some cases, our clients organize several events during the year with the same typology, in these situations the validity of the certificate is for the current year.
  • The price of the certification depends on the category of the event. The categorization of an event is a decision made by B Greenly management based on the information provided and the parameters to be analyzed. The cost also varies depending on whether only certification or additional documentation is required.
  • No, B Greenly certifies events, not people. A self-employed person can host an event and B Greenly will be able to certify their event, but not the person.
  • B Greenly specializes in certifying sustainable events of any size and any type. Our lists of parameters are adapted to any kind of event, regardless of its size.
  • On our website and also on our social networks, we will leave a record of all our certified events. We recommend, however, that the client publishes the certification award in its media, web and networks, and includes it in all its publications, written or digital.
  • Not at all. Our certification improves management processes, making them more efficient and, above all, more sustainable. This does not affect the quality, aesthetics, design, etc. at all.
  • First of all, congratulations, this means that your event is sustainable. From now on, we will be improving areas and parameters so that each year our level of sustainability is higher. Sustainability is a long road that requires will, time and perseverance.