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Evertreen, B Greenly partner.

We are very happy to have Evertreen, our reference in the UK, as a B Greenly partner. With Evertreen you can plant real trees, offset Co2 and alleviate poverty. Projects in Madagascar, Kenya, Nepal, India, Canada, Philippines, Oregon and many more are waiting for your support.

Long live Mexico!!

We are delighted to have our representation in such a beautiful country and full of culture, welcome to the B Greenly team to our ambassador Luis Felipe Sanchez (Area manager Mexico).

Sustainability in communication and culture

With the help of @eldistrito and within the framework of the Strategic Communication course, #sustainability has been present in the two modules of the course: Communication and Editorial and Photobook Design, completed this December.Part of the team of : : @FrancesCasas Gassol and @clarabartra have addressed the binomial culture...

Alliance with Planet Sustech (India)

Climate change is a tangible reality and every moment our planet is getting out of balance. Planet Sustech, seeks to rebalance the planet by providing end-to-end sustainable solutions around the world. It provides direct climate action by incorporating climate action into its digital journey, measuring end-to-end emissions, tracking and reporting...